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offers diversified tips to guide everyone who is interested in transitioning into a greener lifestyle. From wishes to becoming vegan to saving money in electricity and everything in between, we are here to help you find your shade of green!

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About Simply Groen


Hello, I’m Marina, a Brazilian expat living abroad for the past 12 years. Based on my study and experiences with environment-friendly behavior in Brazil, United States and now The Netherlands, I am on a mission to help those who would like to adopt a greener lifestyle, but are not sure where to start, or even if it is for them. Well, if you find yourself in the latest category, I have great news: a greener lifestyle is accessible to everyone. I mean it, everyone, regardless of geographic and socioeconomic status.

I actually believe that a great factor working against the motivation to switch to a greener lifestyle is the perception that, to be green, you need to radically change your life habits. There is nothing more misleading than that because, as you may have read somewhere else, every small step counts, and that is the truth that originated Simply Groen.

This platform is a safe place to discuss the challenges and opportunities brought to us by climate change, as well as its ever-more-concrete consequences. Most importantly, this is a place where things are kept positive because we celebrate life in all its forms and endless capabilities.

Regarding the name, Simply means that a greener lifestyle can be achieved with simple changes; Groen means green in Dutch, and refers to the beautifully crazy life of an expat transitioning to green in The Netherlands.

Without further ado, I leave you with our mission and vision with the hope to have planted in you the wish to find your shade of green.

Lots of green love,



Here you will find weekly posts about:

– The latest environmental (good) news and developments in The Netherlands
– Practical tips to green your lifestyle in the Low Lands
– Insights and inspiration about environmental issues wordlwide

As a Brazilian expat, I also write for the blog of Rede Quero Brasil, a network of Brazilian entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. You can find those posts here (in Portuguese).

I also write as a guest for other Brazilian channels, such as the ones available here.
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