5 hangout ideas for Father’s Day


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Hopefully your father, grandfather or whoever is a father figure to you will be close this Father’s Day (I mean, respecting the 1,5m distance). But even if he is not, there are certainly sustainable and special ways to celebrate the love between you.

Check out these low (or zero) cost ideas that also keep the environment happy.

For the outdoorsy

Does Dad enjoy spending time outside? Treat him to a zero waste picnic! Make sure to bring food and drinks in reusable containers, as well as reusable cutlery and cups, to his favorite park or spot in the woods. A couple of blankets large enough to keep a safe distance is also handy, as well as a bag to store trash. This way, you avoid having nowhere to place organic waste because the public bins are too full (it can definitely happen in holidays like this).

To make this hangout even more sustainable, ride your bicycles to the location for zero emissions transportation.

For the artsy among us

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