How to support local businesses during quarantine


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Supporting local businesses plays a great role in the transition to a sustainable and circular economy. In the area of food production, for example, many local farms are small businesses that can continue to succeed as family owned enterprises thanks to the support of locals who value much more than organic, homemade meals. Other than preferring high quality products, they enjoy having a closer relationship with those who grow and prepare their food. Trust is built, and the sense of belonging to a close community is established.

In light of the social changes that have been taking place, if we have to name just one thing that has been constantly emphasized, one can argue it is the fact that we are all in this together. After all, sustainability is also about sustaining communities. Luckily, from buying dairy at a local farm to hiring a local handyman to picking up food from the nearby cafe, there is a range of options available to support our local business in this special time. Here’s how:

Using Social Deal

You can easily find out, from the comfort of your home, which businesses in your area remain open during quarantine by using the Internet. That will work really well for the businesses you already know, but in order to support other local businesses, you can use Social Deal. The platform’s purpose is to bring you special deals from the most popular businesses in your area. Of course not all of them are locally owned, but that is easily checked anyway. It is also true that it is not possible to redeem all deals during quarantine. But if you’re able to invest in future adventures, there are great deals in travel and entertainment that currently have extended expiration date. This way, you can plan ahead your post-Corona vacation and long weekends.

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