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Ever spotted a construction residue container filled with materials in (very) good condition? Bathtubs, sink basins, cabinets, and even wood flooring are commonly found in containers around town. Simply throwing these materials
away because they don’t match the current owner’s taste has always seemed illogical to me. Fortunately, in recent years, more and more companies have been committing to salvaging those materials.

Growing demand, growing supply

If you’re renovating and looking for used materials, look beyond Marktplaats. It has been, for a long time, consumers’ go-to place for used building materials, despite usually offering a limited product range that includes garden stones, sand, and doors. While those items are
sometimes available for free, it can be difficult to find the sizes and quantities you
need. Another challenge brought by the platform is that it is not always easy to get your hands on high-quality products. Sometimes, you may end up with non-functioning items and no repair or guarantee service.

I’d say the biggest advantage of Marktplaats is that it keeps things locally due to the possibility of finding materials in your neighborhood. But despite the pros and cons, the truth is that Marktplaats is now only one of the many options you have, due to consumers’ growing interest in used products and a focus on circularity in the construction sector. Those changes bring you not only diversity in product range but also many more options regarding quantity, pricing, and quality guarantee.

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