Slow Fashion Season and the power of crowdacting


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If you haven’t heard about crowdacting yet, let’s fix it now: it’s a new solution to get people to act together, in order to make the world a better place. This week, I spoke to Ron van den Akker, co-founder of CollAction, the organization that started crowdacting.

A new concept

A few years ago, Ron realized that many people do have good intentions to change their behavior for the social good. Not only are we aware of the many challenges we face nowadays, but we also agree that the world needs change. However, people (including Ron himself) seemed to never get to actually doing as much as they would have liked in order to bring about the necessary change.

One of the reasons, according to Ron, is that people feel like if only one person changes, that ends up representing a drop in the ocean, lacking the big impact the world needs to become better for everyone.

Made in the Netherlands

That was when crowdacting came to life in the minds of the Dutch founders of CollAction. Inspired by the concept of crowdfunding and other collective ways to act as a society and make positive impact, in 2018 they decided to use crowdacting to take on fast fashion.

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